Situated on Hac Sá Beach, Coloane, indoors or outdoors, come and join us for a delightful meal or just a drink at the bar.

Here you can have most of our traditional cooking.

We actually have variety of cheese, codfish, olive oil, wine and beer, coming from Portugal.

The dining room opens directly to the beach, offering guests a romantic and relaxing view.


– BBQ area
– Free Wi
– Fi access
– Stage area with band equipment to allow for live band music
– PA system (with cordless microphones)
– Children Entertainment Air Castle
– Costumer Car park


– 100 to 120 capacity
– Outside balcony 60 to 70 capacity
– Beach area 90 to 100 capacity

The restaurant is open to the general public, no pets allowed inside, and reservations are required.

We accept all credit cards payment and are equipped with free Wi-Fi and PA systems.

Events & Celebrations

Venue choice can be a major influence on the level of success and on how memorable the event, meeting or party is.

The locations of the restaurant, floor space, facilities, including surrounding areas, make the Miramar Restaurant a unique and unforgettable venue for special parties and events.

There is loads of space on the beachfront and hillside to enjoy several activities such as beach sports and team building events.

We can even help you with the events.
Our Wi-Fi and PA systems allow corporate and conference events to take place.

The party can be casual with fun and games, or deluxe banquet setup.

Here are just a few ideas

– Staff or corporate party
– Birthday parties or anniversaries
– Wedding dinner and party
– Beach and ocean sporting event with food and refreshments served

– Lunch or dinner presentation: A computer and LCD system can be setup
– Incentives or team building event
– Product launch: Have a production team build outside staging, banners and backdrops
– Wine tasting
– BBQ party: DIY or we cook some/all for you
– Band performances
– Start and finish point for a hillside competition

There is enough space to allow large coach parking for arrival and departure.

Our Chefs
Our Staff